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Pest Control in Boise, Eagle, and Meridian, Idaho

Pest Control in Boise, Eagle, and Meridian, Idaho | Household Pest Control

The Idaho Pest Control team is the best pest control service in Boise, Idaho.  But, our team has a wide service area, including Eagle, Meridian, Fruitland, and various other places in Southwest Idaho.

Ants, bed bugs, fleas and spiders can quickly infest your home and become increasingly difficult to manage. Idaho Pest Control Team will work to provide natural pest solutions for your property. Pests can cause discomfort and even damage your home and potentially spread diseases and viruses. It is important to have them taken care of by a professional pest control company like All Natural Pest Elimination. Contact us today to get scheduled for a free pest inspection in Boise, Eagle and Meridian, Idaho.

The goal of pest control is to prevent future infestations, as such, pest control needs to be a regular service in order to continue to maintain the property. In addition to regular pest control services, it is important to do your part and keep your home clean and avoid leaving things out that will attract more pests.

Signs of a Pest Infestation in Boise and Ada County, Idaho

Some signs of pests on your property are:

  • Hearing scratching or scurrying noises (rodents like mice and rats)
  • Seeing their droppings (bed bugs, fleas, rodents)
  • Seeing damage caused by them (carpenter ants, wood beetles, termites, rodents)
  • Getting bites (ants, bed bugs, fleas)
  • Seeing the insects, bugs, or mice and rats with your own eyes

Pest Treatments in Boise, Idaho

Pests like ants and spiders can be controlled using a general pest control treatment. Fleas and bed bugs require more specialized pest treatments and require active participation from the homeowners to make sure that the home is maintained during treatments. 

Idaho Pest Control teams uses all natural pest control products from our very own natural pest product line that are safe for you and members of your household including your pets. Give us a call today to find out more about our pest control treatments and whether or not they would work for your home in Boise.

Rodent Control丨Treatments for Mice

Mice and rats are some of the most difficult pests to control. It takes time to get these pest populations under control and you have to be patient during the process. The first thing you should do if you have rodents on your property or in your home is to call a pest control company. It may seem tempting to take the matters into your own hands, but doing your own pest control is more complicated than you might think and can pose potential risks to you and the members of your home.

Rodent Prevention in Ada County, Idaho

Some things you can do to prevent mice and rats from getting into your home or on your property include keeping your home and property clean and free of clutter, properly storing food and having professional grade seal outs done. The best and most effective thing you can do to control mice and rats is to hire a professional pest control company. If you need rodent control in Boise, Idaho, contact us 208-856-6117.

Wood Destroying Insect Treatments in Eagle and Meridian, Idaho

Wood destroying insects cause damage to wooden structures and it is very important to have your property inspected and to have your home treated if there is termite, carpenter ant or wood beetle activity. Contact us today for a free wood destroying insect inspection in Meridian, Eagle and Ada County, Idaho.

Free Pest Inspection in Boise and Ada County Idaho

If you need help controlling pest populations on your property in Boise, Eagle and Meridian, Idaho, we can help. We offer free inspections for ants, bed bugs, fleas, rodents and wood destroying insects. Contact us today at 208-856-6117 for more information about pest control services in Ada County, Idaho.

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