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Rat Control in Boise

Rat Control in Boise | Pest Control for Rats in Boise

The conflict between humans and rats has existed since ancient times. For many years, homeowners have tried to deal with rat infestations on their own and often have little success. But, our rat control in Boise experts are here to help. Our team knows exactly what to do to control the rat infestation in your home and what to do in terms of rat prevention services.

So, don’t worry, one call to the Idaho Pest Control Team in Boise and you’ll have a concrete plan on how to deal with your rat, rodent, mice control or pest control issue. Our inspections are free of charge, so you’ll know exactly what is going on by the time we are done.

Give us a call today at 208-856-6117 to schedule one of our rat control in Boise experts for an inspection.

Signs of Rats in Boise | Rat Infestation Services

Did you know young rats can be confused with mice? To differentiate it, young rats have a large head and feet in proportion to their bodies. 

Our team of pest control experts at Idaho Pest Control Team will help you to correctly identify what type of rodent you are dealing with at your home and find the best treatment to solve this problem.

If you know or suspect you might have rats in your home do not wait to act . The longer you wait to deal with your rat infestation issue, the more time the rats have to multiply which creates the timeline for rat population control extended.  It’s why we offer a free estimate in Boise, so you can quickly find out what’s going on with rats in your attic and how we can solve it quickly with rat control, rat seal outs, and our rat infestation clean up services.

Rats like mice can get in your home and nest in the attic, as well as infect your food and can potentially spread various diseases while living in your home. Some diseases that rats spread are:

While rats and mice can do similar damage to your home and attic, rats have sharper teeth which presents different problems.  Rats will use their sharp teeth to dig deeper in the wood in your attic which can cause damage to wiring, baffles, and items stored in your attic.

Rat Prevention in Boise, ID | How to Prevent Rats

The last piece of any pest control service is pest prevention.  Preventing rat issues and practicing good habits is crucial to the long term health of your home and family.

The practice of good sanitation is a key to prevent future problems with rats in your home. Make sure you have a professional pest control company in Boise over to inspect any type of entry these rodents use to get into your home and seal it. 

The best rat prevention is a good program for rat control in Boise.  So, if you are looking to prevent rats, contact us to schedule a free estimate for rat control services in Boise.  

Rat Control in Boise

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As Rat Experts in Boise, we understand the importance of having rats and other pests out of your home. Call us at 208-856-6117 for a free estimate for your rat control and other pest control needs in Boise, Idaho.