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Rodent Control in Nampa, Boise, and Southwest Idaho

Rodent Control in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa

Mice and rats carry a lot of bacteria and can transmit viruses and diseases to you and members of your household. In addition to potentially making you sick, rats and mice can cause damage to your home. They will invade your pantry and ruin food, chew on and soil clothing and furniture and will tear away at insulation and use it to make their nests. Rodent control is crucial for keeping your home free of mice and rats.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation | Rodent Pest Control

Some signs of a rodent infestation inside your home include scratching noises, movement, seeing the mice or rats, seeing their markings and their droppings and seeing their damage. Mice and rats can get into the smallest openings in your home and it is important to have a pest inspection completed. All Natural Pest Elimination offers free inspections for rodent control and other pest control services in Ada, Canyon, Elmore, Gem and Payette, Idaho.

Rat and Mouse Prevention in Boise and Southwest Idaho

Rats and mice are prevalent year round in Southwestern Idaho, however as the weather gets cooler in the fall and winter, you might begin to notice more rodent activity, especially inside your home. There are certain things you can do to prevent mice and rats from getting into your home.

  • Have a professional pest inspection
  • Avoid leaving doors and window open
  • Seal out your home from rodents like mice and rats
  • Properly store food in air tight containers
  • Keep your home and property clean and organized to prevent areas for rodents to hide
  • Hire a pest control company for preventative rodent treatments

How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice | Rodent Control in Boise, Idaho

Rodents reproduce very quickly so a few mice or rats can quickly turn into an infestation. It is important to get the population under control as soon as possible to prevent them from getting out of hand. The longer you wait to treat the rodents, the more challenging it will be to get them controlled. All Natural Pest Elimination uses multiple methods to manage your rodent problem. We offer free rodent inspections and one of our skilled pest technicians will be able to determine what the best treatment is for your home. In addition to pest treatments, All Natural Pest Elimination offers exclusion work to keep rodents away. We will repair holes, cracks and screens to ensure mice, rats and other pests are not able to get into your home.

Contact Us for a Free Inspection and Estimate for Rodent and Mice Control

If you have rats or mice in your attic, kitchen or other parts of your home, contact All Natural Pest Elimination at 208-856-6117 for a free pest control inspection in Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas.